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Nice Dua



From Military Dictator to A Democratic Dictator

A couple of days ago I was going to work in the morning and had to stop my car for a couple of minutes on the canal road near Johar Town. Not even five minutes had passed when a policeman came over and asked me to either move on or park on the service road. When I asked the reason, he said that Mian Nawaz Sharif was going back to Islamabad from his house in Raiwind where he was staying.

I jokingly commented that its strange why these people are alive while hundreds of innocent Pakistanis are dying every day. To this the policeman said that they pray for his death everyday. He said that he, and many more policemen like him, are posted on the route since early morning and will keep standing there until the PM leaves Lahore. The worse part was that PM was actually going to use his helicopter to fly from Raiwind to the old airport, and not use the road at all.

Why would a democratically elected head of state treat his people, the same people he vowed to liberate from tyranny and corruption, like his personal servants, or worse, his slaves? What is the difference then between Pervaiz Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif? Just that one was a military dictator, and the other, an elected one?


WordPress App for Android

WordPress App for Android is a well designed and stable app. I was initially skeptic as I have come to adore Windows LiveWriter but after a quick feature and functionality check I am impressed.

Blogging from my tablet or cell phone is now as easy as doing it on WLW. I had a bad time looking for a decent blogging client on my HTC Windows 6.1 mobile and it is a welcome change. WP comes with some very handy features such as inserting photos from a number of sources with ease.

Highly recommended if you like blogging o  the go.


Windows LiveWriter Rules!

Well, I change my laptop and I was really missing LiveWriter. Just installed it again and remembered what a pleasure it was to blog with LiveWriter.


Google Play Not Playing Fair

I have been trying to download the WordPress app from the Google Play store and it kept blocking it saying that the app is not compatible with the version of Android on my tablet. I downloaded the same app from another store and it installed and worked perfectly – this post written on that app being the evidence.
Can’t really understand why Google blocked it as incompatible app. Guess I need to learn more about how Google works.


Lost Without Extension

Ever had a file on your hard drive without an extension? Don’t know which program to use to open it?

This is a usual scenario for many computer users. Fortunately,  there is still hope. One of the easiest ways to find out the format of the file is to use a software called TrID. TrID is a small, freeware utility that can make an attempt at finding out the format of the suspected file. It has a huge library (more than 5000 file formats) that it uses to search and match the format of the file. It shows with results with percentage of successful match.

Give it a try by downloading it from :


DOS Still Useful

Ever had this need to copy or move files from multiple subfolders to another folder? For example, if you have many subfolder under Pictures and you want to copy all video files to another folder just for videos? The Windows procedure for this easy but lengthy; you will have to use the Search box at the top right and type *.avi (for example) and then use Ctrl+A to select all files and then Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C to cut/copy and then go to the destination folder and use Ctrl+V to paste the files.

Well, there is an easy way, i.e. if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty with a ‘little’ DOS programming. Try this:
1. Open Notepad.
2. Type in the following code
   for /R %f in (sourcefolder\*) do (
      pushd %f
      command .\filter destinationfolder
3. You will need to replace the following with your own settings:
     sourcefolder = the folder from which you want to move/copy files
     command = move (for moving files)
                        copy (for copying files)
     filter = for selecting multiple files (e.g. *.avi or *.jpg)
     destinationfolder = the folder where you want to move/copy files
4. Save the file with .bat extension (e.g. Moving.bat)
5. Double click the file and voila!

     for /R %f (E:\Documents\*) do (
        pushd %f
        move .\*.docx E:\Backups

The above example will check all folders under the E:\Documents folder and move all Word documents to E:\Backups folder. You can create multiple files like this with different filters and save them with appropriate names (e.g MoveJPG.bat, MoveDocs.bat, MoveAVI.bat etc.)

The only problem with this approach is that it will not handle duplicate file names.


Get Even

Find out where it hurts and then, squeeze!


True Lies

Scenario 1:
Husband sitting on the coach quietly.
Wife: What are you thinking?
Husband: Nothing.
Wife: I am your wife. We are supposed to be best friends. And if we don’t share everything with each other then who can we share it with?
Husband: I agree!
Wife: So, what were you thinking?
Husband: Honestly, nothing. I was just sitting here not thinking about anything.
Wife: Please don’t lie to me. I feel that you have started keeping things from me. You don’t love me anymore.
Husband: What’s wrong with you. I love you very much.
Wife: Oh yeah! That’s why you never tell me what’s in your heart. You love someone else.
Husband: What!?! How the hell did you think of such crap?
Wife: I know it in my heart. I had a dream last night and I saw that you are marrying someone else.
Husband: Oh God! That’s a DREAM for god’s sake. How can you believe a dream.
Wife: Its not just a dream. It’s a sign. And now I can see why you hide stuff from me.
Husband: You are crazy!
Wife: Oh so now I am crazy. Well, you can go flirt with that bitch second wife of yours. I am going to my parent’s.

Scenario 2:
Husband sitting on the coach quietly.
Wife: What are you thinking?
Husband: Oh I am so worried.
Wife: Oh! Tell me.
Husband: The business is not doing well. My partner stole a billion rupees; the doctor has diagnosed me with terminal cancer; there is an asteroid headed from earth and it will kill everyone in a week’s time; the stock market is breaking new highs and I don’t even have a single share of any company. To make matters worse, our neighbor’s wife is giving me strange looks and I hate her.
Wife: Oh honey! I love you sooooo much. And don’t worry everything will be OK. You know I am always with you. And I will personally take care of that slut who is bothering you sweety.
Husband: Thanks honey. You are the best.
Wife: (a big kiss) I am going for shopping. do you need anything? Oh and I am making your favorite dish tonight for dinner.

I rest my case.