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Meet Kiddle – A Search Engine for Kids!

While Google search engine does have a decent content filter, it fails consistently in providing safe search results for children specially when children search for terms that can have multiple meanings. To make matter worse, an alarming number of websites, mostly hosted in EU, intentionally create content that deceive search engines in redirecting traffic to their pages.

I myself have faced this problem as my kids are now using search engines to find both educational and entertainment content. Enter Kiddle, a new search engine specially designed for children. Kiddle doesn’t rely just on smart programming to filter search results. The editors of Kiddle constantly review websites manually for appropriate content in addition to listing search results from Google’s Safe Search.


Kiddle is indeed an important tool considering the number of deceptive websites that are now just a few keystrokes away from our kids. Please visit the Kiddle website at and make it your default search engine.