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A New Mobile Phone Scam!

There is a new kind of scam that con artists are running at busy market places. Here is how it works.

You would be at a busy market place when a man will come near you. He will be talking to someone on the phone about this guy who has just received a very expensive mobile phone (usually Samsung) as a gift and wants to sell it. The con artist will sound excited and the conversation would be something like this:

“Ali this man has this brand new Samsung S5 box packed with all accessories and he doesn’t even know how much its worth. He just got it as a present but he doesn’t want it and is selling it for 20000. I am trying to break him on 15000 but he is not going to sell it for less than 20. Its a 50000 phone and we can get easy 30000 profit. I am short of cash so please send me 10000 immediately”.

The so-called seller would also be standing near by, usually appearing irritated because the con artist has been haggling with him for half an hour or so. The con artist will not look at you while talking on the phone but he will be speaking loud enough so that you can hear him. Then he will move away as if he is going to collect money from Ali bhai (or whoever he called). This is where you will consider it a lucky chance and will try to convince the seller that he should sell you the phone instead. You will probably offer him 5000 more than what the con artist was offering him. The seller, apparently irritated, will agree and sell you the phone for 25000. Most people will try to take the phone and move out of there as quickly as possible to avoid any confrontation with the con artist.

When you get back home and check the phone closely, you will find that it is a cheap Korean replica that sells for less than 10000 in the market. Because of its close-to-original packing and accessories set, most people will not be able to judge its price there and then. Also, this type of con usually happens in the evening or night hours. Nobody is stupid enough to sell a 50000 Samsung phone for 20000, even if they didn’t buy it. So please be careful and do not buy mobile phones from such people without thoroughly checking them first.