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From Military Dictator to A Democratic Dictator

A couple of days ago I was going to work in the morning and had to stop my car for a couple of minutes on the canal road near Johar Town. Not even five minutes had passed when a policeman came over and asked me to either move on or park on the service road. When I asked the reason, he said that Mian Nawaz Sharif was going back to Islamabad from his house in Raiwind where he was staying.

I jokingly commented that its strange why these people are alive while hundreds of innocent Pakistanis are dying every day. To this the policeman said that they pray for his death everyday. He said that he, and many more policemen like him, are posted on the route since early morning and will keep standing there until the PM leaves Lahore. The worse part was that PM was actually going to use his helicopter to fly from Raiwind to the old airport, and not use the road at all.

Why would a democratically elected head of state treat his people, the same people he vowed to liberate from tyranny and corruption, like his personal servants, or worse, his slaves? What is the difference then between Pervaiz Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif? Just that one was a military dictator, and the other, an elected one?