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True Lies

Scenario 1:
Husband sitting on the coach quietly.
Wife: What are you thinking?
Husband: Nothing.
Wife: I am your wife. We are supposed to be best friends. And if we don’t share everything with each other then who can we share it with?
Husband: I agree!
Wife: So, what were you thinking?
Husband: Honestly, nothing. I was just sitting here not thinking about anything.
Wife: Please don’t lie to me. I feel that you have started keeping things from me. You don’t love me anymore.
Husband: What’s wrong with you. I love you very much.
Wife: Oh yeah! That’s why you never tell me what’s in your heart. You love someone else.
Husband: What!?! How the hell did you think of such crap?
Wife: I know it in my heart. I had a dream last night and I saw that you are marrying someone else.
Husband: Oh God! That’s a DREAM for god’s sake. How can you believe a dream.
Wife: Its not just a dream. It’s a sign. And now I can see why you hide stuff from me.
Husband: You are crazy!
Wife: Oh so now I am crazy. Well, you can go flirt with that bitch second wife of yours. I am going to my parent’s.

Scenario 2:
Husband sitting on the coach quietly.
Wife: What are you thinking?
Husband: Oh I am so worried.
Wife: Oh! Tell me.
Husband: The business is not doing well. My partner stole a billion rupees; the doctor has diagnosed me with terminal cancer; there is an asteroid headed from earth and it will kill everyone in a week’s time; the stock market is breaking new highs and I don’t even have a single share of any company. To make matters worse, our neighbor’s wife is giving me strange looks and I hate her.
Wife: Oh honey! I love you sooooo much. And don’t worry everything will be OK. You know I am always with you. And I will personally take care of that slut who is bothering you sweety.
Husband: Thanks honey. You are the best.
Wife: (a big kiss) I am going for shopping. do you need anything? Oh and I am making your favorite dish tonight for dinner.

I rest my case.