Mubashir Mir

Meet Kiddle – A Search Engine for Kids!

Meet Kiddle – A Search Engine for Kids!

While Google search engine does have a decent content filter, it fails consistently in providing safe search results for children specially when children search for terms that can have multiple meanings. To make matter worse, an alarming number of websites, […]

A New Mobile Phone Scam!

There is a new kind of scam that con artists are running at busy market places. Here is how it works. You would be at a busy market place when a man will come near you. He will be talking […]

Facebook on TOR!

Last month, Facebook announced that users will be able to access the social network through Tor, a popular privacy-protecting program. This is a bit of a big deal for the tech world as Facebook is the first major tech company […]

The Man Who Killed A Planet

The Man Who Killed A Planet

If you ask anyone “who was the most dangerous and destructive person in the history of the world?”, you are most likely to hear names such as Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Genghis Khan etc. But that would be wrong. While these […]

Quick Tips on Writing A Great Blog Post

These are short but important points to keep in mind while writing a blog post. 1.Tell your story– it is one of the key things that will make your content stand out of the crowd. 2.Share how you feel – […]

The Last Circus

It was a quite Sunday morning in 1995, when my friend Sohaib knocked on my door. Sohaib was part of a music band and they also sold music equipment as a side business. They had recently sold some equipment to […]

BlueStacks – The Android Emulator for Windows

Recently I have been obsessed with running Android apps on my Windows 7 PC. Don’t ask me why, but even though I have a great 10″ Android tab, I still get the urges to multi-boot my PC. I have tried […]

Introducing Tor

No, not the super hero. Its a browser. A free software and an open network that protects you from traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance, that is against the very essence of the Internet. When you live in a […]

Wireless Brain Implant Aims To Give Paralyzed Power Over Their Limbs I guess this will eventually take a direction where people without disabilities would use this technology to improve physical limitations.